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Dedicated Advocates And Advisers For Those Approaching Divorce

Divorce is a term packed full of a range of meanings, including emotional, practical, and financial implications. One way to get through the legal aspects of divorce is to keep the legal dimension focused on the future. Instead of dwelling on perceived failures leading up to your divorce, you can be an architect for your own life to come as a newly single person. Short-term ramifications may loom large in your mind, but your long-term stability is at stake and should dominate your concerns at this time.

At Tuell & Young, we can take a load off by guiding you efficiently and thoughtfully through the processes of determining property division, spousal support (alimony), and, if applicable, child custody and support. We are experienced family law attorneys with an earned reputation for success. Let us help you.

Making Tough Decisions With Consideration And Care

As your divorce case moves forward, there will be tough decisions to make. Custody agreements, ownership of the marital home, retirement division – these are all issues that typically must be addressed.

Other matters we frequently assist with include the following:

  • Property division of assets, including the marital home, valuable collectibles, retirement accounts, and investments
  • Debt allocation
  • Spousal support determination
  • Parenting plan agreements for children

More About Property And Debt Division In Washington

In the state of Washington, the law follows the community property principle when it comes to dividing debt and assets in a divorce. The means that family law courts will divide both equally, with a few exceptions.

Getting an attorney by your side who can truly ascertain all assets and debts is vital to ensuring your rights are protected and the division is fair and equal. Let us help you.

Tacoma Divorce Lawyers Ready To Address Your Divorce Questions

If you are contemplating divorce, you likely have a sea of unanswered questions and concerns. We are here to help. Our attorneys have assisted others with the complex divorce process, helping them to see the other side. Let us support you. Your peace of mind, your children’s well-being and your future financial stability are worth the effort.

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We can also help ensure that you make appropriate changes to your estate plan and all real estate documents.