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When is the right time to create or update an estate plan? You may hear that it’s time to do this after you buy a house, start a business, get married, have your first child, or get divorced. It’s true that any major life change serves as a good reminder to pay special attention to estate planning. However, any adult with any significant assets should have an estate plan and update it periodically.

If you are a resident of Tacoma, Pierce County and are unsure whether your will, trusts, and powers of attorney are sufficient for potential unexpected needs, reach out to us to find out. At Tuell & Young, we are a team of attorneys with a trusted reputation for helping those in Tacoma and Pierce County communities with customized estate plans.

What Does An Estate Plan Need?

The documents that encompass an estate plan will vary person-to-person. Each situation differs and what you need, another individual may not. Our team will talk with you about your estate and ultimate goals. Then, we will help you create or revise a plan suited for your situation. We will account for the distribution of your assets, health care preferences and other final wishes and intentions. Our attorneys often work with you to create a plan tailored to your needs and wishes through:

  • A simple or complex will, including a pour-over will or any other appropriate form for your last will and testament
  • A power of attorney, such as a durable power of attorney, a power of attorney for financial decisions, and any other powers of attorney that will ensure that your assets and other life affairs are in trustworthy hands in case you become incapacitated
  • A health care directive, including an advance directive or living will to provide clarity for doctors and family members in case of an emergency
  • A trust to establish your wishes regarding inheritances, charitable giving, and/or the protection of family members who are dependent on you and have special needs such as cognitive or physical disabilities

Are You Responsible For Administering An Estate?

Acting as an executor or personal representative for a deceased family member is a solemn responsibility that carries risks as well as intrinsic rewards. With solid legal counsel to back you up, you can meet this challenge with confidence. We are estate administration attorneys in Tacoma who assist with:

  • Filing the will with the probate court and proceeding through all necessary steps to ensure that it is correctly administered in a timely fashion
  • Interacting with creditors
  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Determining which assets need to go through probate and which do not (such as life insurance payouts)
  • Properly transferring assets from the estate to beneficiaries
  • Handling and closing accounts of the decedent
  • Administering any trusts if you are a trustee
  • Resolving will contests and other potential estate litigation

If your loved one died intestate (without a will), we will help you discover the most efficient and beneficial way of settling this type of estate. As needed, we will collaborate with any other professionals whose contributions may be necessary to settle the estate.

Let Us Help With Your Estate Planning Or Administration

Thinking about your future death can be uncomfortable, but creating a customized estate plan can give you satisfaction and reassurance that your family will not experience more hardships than necessary after you pass away or become unexpectedly incapacitated.

We understand that it may feel overwhelming to begin the process. Schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys and we can sit down with you, discuss your ultimate goals, and talk about how we can accomplish those goals.

If you need help with the probate process for a loved one’s estate, or perhaps have questions as a beneficiary, reach out.

With decades of experience behind them, each our lawyers have the skill and knowledge to find a solution for you. To schedule a consultation, call Tuell & Young at 253-533-9327 or send an email inquiry today.